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User Manual

The SmartDoctor® User Manual is user friendly and is available on-line as well as a lay-flat printed version. It is a comprehensive document with a table of contents, many examples with screen shots, and an index. It is presented here in an Adobe Acrobat Reader® format. Most personal computers will have this reader already installed, so all you will have to do to view it is to click on the User Manual link below to bring it up. If you do not have this viewer on your system, go to and download the Adobe Reader® for free.

To see a typical Sign-In screen, click here.

To see a typical Nurse Intake screen, click here.

To see a typical Provider Orientation screen, click here.

INSTRUCTIONS TO VIEW MANUAL. If you left click on the link below, it will take up to 2 minutes to upload the 5.21MB manual. During this time your browser may indicate no activity. To download this document for later viewing, right click and pick "Save Target as..." to download this document to your computer in the directory of your choosing. This will also take up to 2 minutes with a high speed connection. However, you will then be able to see its progress and also do other things while waiting for the download to complete.

Click here to see the User Manual. (Will take up to 2 minutes with a high speed connection. Not suitable for dial-up download.)
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