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SmartDoctor will save you money! Here's how: (As of Dec 1, 2005)

Using SmartDoctor will increase your revenue by allowing you to see more patients per day, capturing lost billings, and decreasing rejected claims. It will also reduce your personnel costs by eliminating the need for a large support staff, and it will reduce your overall operating expenses. SmartDoctor will increase your practice volume with appointment reminders and health care maintenance recommendations. In addition, it will reduce your risk and liabilities with thorough chart reviews and contraindication checking.

Every day without SmartDoctor is costing you money!

We offer two SmartDoctor packages to fit your needs.   A server on site at your facility, or an internet model where all data and administration is handled remotely.   In the internet model, you avoid the headaches of backups, and hardware breakdown problems.

There are many possible configurations including interfaces to lab systems, PACS systems, electronic billing, multiple office locations, etc.   Please call or contact us at the e-mail below for a detailed estimate of what your costs would be.

Contact us via e-mail at:

or phone us at: 800-747-4154 (815-578-8329)

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