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With SmartDoctor, you can fully document a patient visit, write a new prescription and refill two old prescriptions, complete E/M coding, and have a bill ready to go electronically in an average time of 1.5 minutes!

Easy and Reliable

The SmartDoctor® system is easy to use and learn because of simple screen layouts and logical work flow processing. It is extremely reliable and has a broad range of functionality. SmartDoctor can be used efficiently by solo practices or group practices alike, and it will grow seamlessly with your practice.

Complete, Fully Integrated Office System

SmartDoctor fully integrates all office functions including scheduling, sign-in, nurse notes, physician notes, billing, interoffice communications, lab, and x-ray. Interfaces with labs such as Quest and LabCorp occur via HL7 standards. The system does electronic billing via THIN ( Texas Health Information Network) at no cost to you. Because of the combined EMR/billing system, along with expert system logic, SmartDoctor achieves an average first pass billing acceptance of 98%, with many sites getting 100% acceptance. The entire process is hands off…done automatically for you by the system.
SmartDoctor automates important communication between support staff and physician. Patient information, refills and requests for information are forwarded to the physician. The physician can then take the appropriate action and the system automatically sends a response back to the staff for completion or needed follow-up.
Bi-directional lab interfaces, including medical necessity checking, is provided for the major labs, and can be customized for local labs. Office-performed labs are entered directly on-line. All in-office lab charges are automatically captured as the lab is performed. Also, referral lab charges are captured if the clinic takes responsibility for the lab fee (otherwise insurance information is passed to the outside lab so that they can do the billing).
In house X-ray ordering and processing is straightforward. The work flow processing system notifies the technician when X-rays are ordered. Doctors can then see the X-rays when ready and do the preliminary and/or final readings. Any inconstancies between preliminary and final readings are flagged, and corrective action noted. Billing is automatically done as part of the process.
The system also has the ability to exchange data with other systems via the standardized HL7 guidelines.
In addition, the system allows for easy branching to other areas such as national standards, on-line calculator, phone book, etc., with quick and easy return to the starting point.

Thorough Contraindication Checking

SmartDoctor checks all prescriptions for contraindications, as well as for potential interactions with herbal medications, supplements and OTC drugs commonly taken by patients.
Our proprietary drug database is maintained by physicians experienced in drug pharmacotherapy. We developed this exclusive database because existing databases were not adequate. Most existing databases, which were developed by PharmDs and not practicing physicians, contained inappropriate drug classes, no appropriate pediatric dosages, and inappropriate drug interactions. All drugs that can be prescribed by physicians are listed in our system, even those not included the PDR (such as Lopressor and many others). The system checks for allergy, drug to drug, drug to past medical history, drug to age, drug to possible pregnancy in a reproduce age female, drug to breast feeding, and pediatric weight-based dosages. Further, the system has specific disease-based defaulted dosages based on current standards (for example, Zovirax has different default dosages for genital herpes versus chicken pox, etc.). Both generic and brand name cross-reference lookups are provided, as well as disease-specific and drug-class types such as hypertension and NSAIDS, respectively.
Formulary checks are done automatically based on the patient's insurance company. Alternate medications are suggested for those not allowed in the insurance carrier’s formulary. Immunization checks are done automatically prior to exit from each provider visit encounter note. Health maintenance checks are also easily performed.

Diagnoses & Procedures Coding Checks

All diagnoses and procedures are automatically checked for age and sex appropriateness to avoid errors in coding. Diagnoses and procedures can be cross-referenced for easy lookup by provider-defined terminology (you do not have to learn coding terminology - instead, the system learns your terminology). The system gives you the ability to define procedures more specifically for local use, unlike other coding systems.
E/M coding based on the latest guidelines is provided for basic office and hospital visits, based on the documentation recorded.
Correct coding Initiative (CCI) checks are done automatically each time a charge is added, to keep down the number of rejected claims. You may add a modifier or choose another procedure that is more appropriate.

Automatic Chart & Vital Signs Review

An automatic chart review is done at the beginning of each patient visit, showing all active medical problem, past medical history and allergies, current medication, and the plan from the last visit. This is done to reorient the provider to the patient. In addition, any outstanding referrals or labs are brought to the provider’s attention.
All vital signs are checked against age and sex normals, and are flagged as abnormal or needing attention. For example, a heart rate of 140 would be indicated as normal for a one-day-old child, but would be flagged as abnormal and needing attention for and adult.

Simple Documentation of Office Visits

SmartDoctor enables rapid documentation of each patient visit from arrival to departure. The provider schedule shows if the patient has arrived, to which room the patient has been assigned, if the nurse has seen the patient, if the provider is seeing the patient, if the provider has completed the visit notes, and if the patient visit has been billed.
The provider has the ability to rapidly review past visit notes and past medical history anytime while documenting a new visit. He/she can also copy a previous physical exam into current notes, and then modify as needed.
The appointment scheduling function allows for referring provider information and workmen's comp. flags to trigger workflow. Overbooking is allowed, and room location can be indicated on the provider schedule and changed as needed. Patient sign-in reminds staff of any needed co-pay prior to the visit, or any billing problems.
Nursing notes can be as simple as basic vital signs, patient complaints and allergy review, or they can include detailed subjective complaints and/or documentation of current and past medical history and medication history. It is up to the clinic to decide how much information the nurse should obtain during the nursing intake.
Standardized and customized procedure notes allow for rapid documentation of frequently performed procedures. Specific modification to the notes for each visit are easily made. This saves a great deal of time, prevents errors of omissions, standardized your procedures, and checks for age and sex appropriateness for the defined procedure.
A scenarios system offers the ability to add multiple scenarios to a visit note. Scenarios are disease- or symptom-specific snapshots of a specific nature which can include the subject, objective, assessment, and plan portion of a note. Since multiple scenarios can be added, documenting a note for a patient coming in with complaints of hypertension and a backache can be done in a matter of seconds. Then specific changes can be made to the note as needed. The number of scenarios is unlimited. The system comes preloaded with 88 standard scenarios.
In addition, the provider also has the ability to access patient charts and to document patient notes and charges securely form anywhere: nursing homes, patient homes, hospitals, or anywhere in the world via phone lines or internet.

Multiple Standardized Reports

The system has over 36 standardized reports available to you for patient care management and financial management. In addition, an unlimited number of ad hoc reports can be generated. This can aid in clinic-based research.

Paperless Option

SmartDoctor can easily be integrated with your existing paper charting system, or you can go to a completely electronic record by scanning in all associated documents such as insurance cards, consultant reports, etc. Further, you can digitally photograph lesions and store them electronically with the system. This can also be a great safety tool as well as marketing tool for children's photo IDs. Should a child be abducted you could immediately provide the most recent photo ID over the internet for an "Amber Alert".


Every day without SmartDoctor is costing you money that you could be saving!
Using SmartDoctor will increase your revenue, allowing you to see more patients per day, capture lost billings, and decrease rejected claims. It will also reduce your personnel costs, as well as your overall operating expenses. And it will increase your practice volume with appointment reminders and health care maintenance recommendations. In addition, it will reduce your risk and liabilities with thorough chart reviews and contraindication checking.

Fully HIPAA Compliant

See full HIPAA Compliance Information page.

Live Support Always Available

Live support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days pers week, 365 days per year via our 800 number. You will talk with a real person who is a system expert and will get you the answers you need. You will NOT encounter support people from outside the country who barely speak English and have limited knowledge of the system, as sometimes happens with other systems. We also provide an on-line manual as well as a printed manual for your convenience.

Comprehensive Billing Service Available

We also offer complete billing services, so that you can focus on your patients and stop worrying about administrative billing and staffing problems. We call this the "Get Back to Practicing Medicine" option. We provide expert offsite staff to handle all aspects of your billing that need personalized attention, including reprocessing rejected claims, secondary billing, monthly statements, current account collections, deposits to your account, patient account inquiries via 800 number, and even after-hours scheduling.
The only staff members you will need are a receptionist and a nurse. You will no longer need to worry about hiring and training billing clerks. All software and hardware are provided, all electronic and paper billing are done for you. All monthly statements are sent out for you at no additional cost (i.e., no cost to you for postage or supplies). All patient billing inquiries are handled for you via an 800 number provided to your patients.
Our billing staff is bilingual and highly trained, with years of experience billing for many types of practices, including hospitals. Most physician’s offices cannot afford to maintain such a highly trained, bilingual staff. Using SmartDoctor combined with our billing service will result in first pass acceptance rates of 98% or more. This means you will be paid sooner, with a lower percentage of bills that are not paid. In addition, you will see an increase in income due to better collections and an increase in productivity per hour. And the cost of our billing service will be less than the cost of hiring and maintaining your own staff.

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